Identify a mushroom from a picture

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Champignouf is an automated mushroom identifier software program, you just have to upload a picture to know what kind of mushroom it could be.
It knows more than 1000 species, and will suggest you results depending on the photo.
Is that a cep, a chanterelle, or something that could kill you? It is still work in progress, and the accuracy is at the moment not that good, but will get better in time.

BE VERY CAREFUL, do not eat any mushroom if you aren't 100% certain they are edible! YOU COULD DIE

Remember that champignouf makes a lot of mistakes, because mushrooms are tricky, and toxic and edible ones can look almost indistinguishable.
Even if it look like the one that Champignouf suggests, and it's edible, DO NOT TRUST OUR RESULTS.